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HIL ( Hardware In Loop TEST Bed, ECU Prep System)

Why Test ECUs with Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation ?As software explodes in complexity and size, comprehensive ECU tests are necessary more than ever before. Only a tough zero-error policy can help avoid vehicle recall campaigns. So for many manufacturers and suppliers, ECU testing has become a key phase in the development process. However, real test drives are expensive. They often take place in the freezing cold or the searing heat to test ECUs in extreme conditions. You also have to contend with the necessary vehicle prototypes not being ready on time, so testing is delayed. Simultaneous engineering, in which development processes run in parallel, can be difficult to achieve. These are just a few of the problems inherent in real test drives. Not only are the drives themselves dependent on the weather and on vehicle prototypes; test engineers face actual physical danger and have to cope with incomplete test results – not to mention the immense costs in terms of time and money. The solution: virtual test drives within a hardware-in-the-loop simulation environment.


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Hydrogen Hot Rod

Whats the Diference between this and Exisiting Car Ecu's and Systems?


Not Much Basically we use the same test bed system taday as Stan Did, if fact stan purchased his and adapted it with his hard card so we can too. The System for Bench testing circuits and than flashing ECU's for install is call HIL ( Hard Ware in the Loop) When Stan did it he had no internet and no software or decent pc. These Day HIL system have pc built in and connect to web !  


So what do we need to add or make the LPG Style Piggy Back Ecus Do? We we test in that HIL way?


1.We add  some new In out accessories for the EUC to Control. 

    A. We instruct  Ecu to send out a  Signal from the Accelerator Thottleposition sensor to be mirror    

   and or have a coresponding  Scaled Frequency Duty and and Pulse duration signal 

   similar to the speed increase signal to each injector. This goes to our New pc of Equipment (card)

   or chip functioncalled frequequency Generator, (which will send the desire rate width ad gate of    

    frequeceny at a certain speed to our Electroluzer Cell Transformer + VIC Circuit ( Voltage Intensifier      Circuit).



Stanley A Meyer GMS GAs Management Syste

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Complete Library of Assembly Manuals

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Digital Book 
Digital Book 
MAtrix Update V2  with db 37  for easy c
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Stanley A Meyer GMS UNit Gas Management Control System Ems ecu hydrogen
Stanley A Meyer Coil winder with ViC tub
Stanley A Meyer Gas Management Ems ECU S
Stanley A Meyer Gas Management Ems ECU S

The is From the Technical Brief & control & driver circuits patent .

The following info: Refer to Tech Brief Figures 3-2, 3-4, 3-5, 3-6 and Patent WO 92/07861

GMS CARD DSCRIPTION                                                                          CIRCUIT PRICE 


VIC Cabinent ( BOx)  in the VIC cabinet there were two other circuits,

one for the "Steam Resonator" and another for the "Gas Processor".

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Stanley A Meyer GMS UNit Gas Management Control System Ems ecu hydrogen

Stan had a card extension board that would plug into any card slot to allow the main card to be extended outside the box to tune any on board internal pots or adjustments.


Once the card was properly tuned and or adjusted the card was removed from the card extension and placed back into it's slot and the card extension was placed back into It's slot.


The card extension was designed for anyone of the cards to be removed and plugged into it and it still function outside the box.


We will not be using the card extension in our design. Nor will our boards plug into a back plate,


They will have plugs with extended wire in order